Dear men and specifically women of America,


I usually try to stay out of political issues, but sometimes some things need to be said. So fair warning this is going to be quite long.

Women’s rights are very important to me. I want to be able to accomplish anything I set my mind to do. I know there is still sexism in our county today, and it needs to be done away with. I’ve experienced it first hand. But something I have noticed is that one of the main hurdles in the way of gender equality is the attitudes and double standards of most feminists.

I want to go into law. I would love to become a lawyer and fight for justice. Most feminists would applaud me for defying gender stereotypes and going into, “a man’s field” But I would also love to get married and have children. Those same women who would encourage me to pursue that career would rip me apart limb by limb if I eventually decided to give up becoming an attorney to stay at home and take care of my kids. Criticize me if I CHOOSE to have 7 kids instead of none, or maybe 2. Spit on my face if I dare to stay at home and leave “work” up to my future husband.

It is fundamentally flawed to view the thing that biologically makes us different from men as “wrong” when fighting for women’s rights. Why is one of my dreams that I have as a women viewed as inspiring and empowering, and the other thought of as degrading and a step backwards? If a daughter of mine wants to become president of our country I want her to have every right to become the leader of our nation. But I also want her to have the option to stay at home and have a family of her own without feeling like she is a failure to her gender for not having a career outside the home.

Touching on something more political still, why is it that in the 2008 election republican Vice President nominee Sarah Palin was met with by personal jabs on her family and character by the opposite party, while in this past election Hillary Clinton was welcomed with open arms, and it was considered “sexist” and “harmful to our daughters” to vote against her by the same party that ridiculed Palin? If being pro women is being pro ALL women, where was the women’s support for Sarah Palin? Why were women attacking her for having a career as the governor of Alaska and Vice President nominee instead of taking care of her family(which she was also doing) when that is apparently what we should be doing?

Don’t get me wrong, I did not like everything she had to say and believed, just like a lot of women did not like what Hillary Clinton said and believed.

No matter what side of the political Spectrum you stand on, one thing needs to be done if you consider yourself a feminist.  That is to stop judging women for following their beliefs and dreams. For some that might mean being a lawyer, CEO, or president. For others that might mean being an model, farmer, or mother. So stop stipulating what a feminist “must” believe, and let ALL women pursue their dreams.

Thank you,

Katrina Lane

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