1. You know what Lutefisk and Lefse are!


These two lovely dishes are hardcore Norwegian delights. The aroma of lutefisk will attract Nowegians from what seems like hundreds of miles away. The fishy dish was originally cod, but they decided to preserve it with lye, a strong chemical also used in making soap.

Lefse is a special treat. In it's most plain form the dessert tastes similar to a flattened salty potato, and that's basically what it is! However, lefse is something almost everyone should try in their life. It truly is a taste treat when paired with some butter and sugar.


2. Oh Yeah/ya?

"Hey! Did you hear Billy bought a new ice house?!" "Oh yeah/ya! No Way! That's awesome!"


If you find yourself using the words "Oh yeah/ya" often, there is a good chance that you're from the northern-mid-west. These words can track their roots back to the mother-countries of Norway, Sweden, and Germany, to name a few places. It is often said in a monotone voice, but don't let that fool you. The saying is commonly used in surprise.


3. Could you get me a pop?

Pop? Something that is commonly known as soda in the majority of the country is referred to as pop in North Dakota. The origins of the name could come from the noise soda makes when it is opened. At least it's better than what Southerns call it, everything is COKE!


4. Friend/relative/yourself worked or is working in the Bakken!

Pulling the Bakken Core out of the core barrell

Oh the Bakken! It really is a lovely place. Most people tend to forget that its vital industry is agriculture! However, It's known for activity in oil and gas. The rise and fall in the price of oil will massively shift the population of this region. The people that choose to live in this area are very proud people. Do not, under any circumstance, insult them!


5. Driver's from...Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Minnesota, Canada...


"Damn! This guy is driving like an ass! Of course they are from Idaho!"

You find yourself cursing anyone driving around with one of these license plates.

By: Paul Wayne

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