September 11, 2001 everything changed. We were exposed to the dangers of the world outside of the United States, but that was not the only thing that changed. One of the biggest changes happened in our national government. 9/11 was the day that the concept of New Federalism died.  New Federalism was the idea of giving power back to the states. The idea was placing power within reach of the people. Well, the transfer of power stopped that morning in September.

#5  Transparency

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     Edward Snowden, I don't want to make this man sound like a hero, but he did expose a vital flaw in the behavior of our government. Our national government blatantly lies to us, and then scrambles to cover things up. Little Eddy let us know that the government watches us as much as they watch terrorists outside of our country. I still believe this man is a traitor due to the amount of information he released, but he had one idea right. Big Brother is watching the people, and we the people should know about it.

#4  Polarization

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The United States is reaching a high point of polarization, and I'm not sure the national government is the best political machine to handle the task of bringing us together. This last election exposed the ideological differences between urban and rural areas. Solving the problem is for the state level of government, but the national government will continue to polarize us as it continues to gain more power.


#3  Lag (slow)

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     We should all know the response time of the national government. When the highest law of the land is functioning properly it has a max speed much lower than the sloth above. This is a massive problem in the modern world we live in. Technology allows us to communicate faster than ever before. So, how does the national government catch up to us? Well, they have made several attempts at creating an internet kill switch. They want the capability to legally cut off all forms of information, but "only in times of emergency". Let the idea of not being able to communicate to your friends, family, and co-workers run through your head.


#2  Education

Seal of the United States Department of Education

Original seal by the U.S. Army Heraldry Directorate

     Why on earth do we let the national government control our education system?! This flailing failure of a department has been gimping along since President Jimmy Carter passed it into law in 1979. If the Department of Education was a horse it should have been taken out to pasture before it ever made it to the gate. What has happened since we allowed the national government to take control over our education system? The cost of tuition has exploded, mandates on curriculum have diminished the quality of education, and we have done nothing but fall in the global rankings. Maybe it would be best for the states to control their own education systems once again.

#1  Debit


GDP to Federal debt of the United States

US Government

     Of course the number one issue with the national government is its debt. I want to point out the growth rate of our debt leading up to 2001 (the red line). Remember, that was the year that New Federalism died. Since then our debt has exploded, and there is no end in sight. Yes, President Donald Trump has a business background, but he doesn't have a highly sought after power called the line-item veto. He won't be able to regulate spending as much as what we are being told.

"I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them." - Thomas Jefferson

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