BHR Cast# 12 Kathy Griffon, Paris Agreement, London Terrorist Attack

We start this episode off with talking about a local sales tax here in Williston, North Dakota. There is an upcoming vote in our town that will extend the 1% sales tax increase for another ten years. We discuss or opinions on this and wether or not this should actually be extended, since we have the highest sales tax in North Dakota.
The next segment dives into the recent Kathy Griffin “Art”. Earlier this week Kathy posted an image of her holding the decapitated head of President Trump. We cast our opinions on this event.
Last but not least we talk about the most recent terrorist attack to hit London. This city has been the main focus for the radical Islamic terrorist group known as ISIS. We bring up some questions regarding terrorism and the future of the world. We also ask our listeners to participate and let us know what you, the people, think.

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