Who are we? The real question is who are you? We are not talking about what you do for a living, what t.v. series you are up to date on, or what type of actions you have, or haven’t, taken in your life. We are talking about fundamentally, Who are you? Ask yourself that question.

We are not anything special. This idea was started by Patrick and Paul. The overall goal of this website is to have a place where all opinions can have a clear and clutter free place to live. You will hate us, and you will love us, but at least take the opportunity to be exposed to views that don’t align with your. You can hate all you want, but the world is filled with people like you. They Just have a different upbringing. It’s that different upbringing that creates the ideas that we hold dear.

We ask you to challenge those ideas, ask critical questions, and to be involved in the debate around us.


Our dream is to have this expand into a living and breathing community built off of differing opinions. We will be called any number of terrible names if we succeed, but we wont let that stop us from fostering political beliefs.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Paul Wayne